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Guangdong introduced the history of the most stringent environmental regulations heavy environmental


Guangdong Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee held a news conference on January 29th, the newly revised "Guangdong Environmental Protection Ordinance" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations") will be implemented from July 1st this year. The reporter understands, this is known as the "Guangdong history of the most stringent environmental regulations, new environmental events" double penalty ", proposed the establishment of cross administrative environmental resources judicial institutions, heavy environmental pollution remediation problems in Guangdong.
The director of the Guangdong Provincial People's Congress Law Committee Wang Bo said, compared with the huge costs of pollution prevention, environmental violations by lighter punishment, causes the enterprise to choose law, to abide by the law, caused by environmental pollution problems.
Wang Bo said that the revised clear legal responsibility of the government and relevant departments do not perform their duties according to law, increase the punishment for illegal sewage environment, according to environmental law increased daily species continuous punishment behavior, strictly crack down on environmental violations, to make polluters not illegal, not illegal.
Guangdong vice chairman of the NPC Environmental and Resources Protection Committee Huang Chengkuan introduced in the previous "illegal low-cost" caused by the phenomenon of serious environmental pollution, the introduction of special "double punishment system, increase the environmental crime punishment.
The reporter learned that, in accordance with the "double penalty", in addition to the enterprise the cause of environmental events on illegal sewage units and other operators to carry out punishment, also provides related punishment to the main person in charge and directly responsible personnel, the highest individual imposed on an annual income of 50% units from the fine.
In addition, the "Regulations" also suggested that comply with the law of the relevant organs and organizations of environmental pollution and ecological damage and other damage to the behavior of public interest to initiate civil environmental public interest litigation court cases; the establishment of environmental resources and the proper separation of the administrative divisions of the jurisdiction system, establish cross administrative environmental resources judicial institutions, breaking local protection in place of the problem of environmental pollution.



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