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[pay close attention to environmental protection] 28 provinces will air pollution prevention and con


n the report, "the specific operation and results of joint prevention and control, become a part of the review of work in 2014.
In addition to conventional measures, all in the pursuit of a breakthrough on the mechanism of the system, some new modes of governance have been written into the report: Hebei proposed to negotiate the establishment of ecological compensation system of Beijing Tianjin horizontal, innovative energy-saving emission reduction mechanism; establish and improve the air quality of Shandong is third party monitoring, regularly publish, accountability and financial compensation system. Third party governance and other new models in Sichuan, Anhui, Shandong, Hebei and other places of importance. In addition, such as contract energy management, grid management etc. in recent years, the emergence of new governance, mode of management has been written into the government report, seen around pollution is really resorted to the hope that the new measures to exhaust all the skills, to bring new breakthrough.



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